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the BRIDGE & the 6ix

Bridge6ix is a young and vibrant 

social start-up based out of

Toronto, Canada.

Founded by two young women in the middle of winter 2016,  Bridge6ix's journey started with offering translation services - English French translation.


Over time our purpose has grown to much more and today encompasses the philosophy of creating, adapting and sharing content across all known mediums: text, audio, photo and video.

We chose Toronto "The 6ix" for its rich history and vibrant culture to connect with the World. Bridge6ix is Toronto's creative bridge to Canada and the World.


Experienced #youthdoingthings   

AND mission

Our philosophy and social purpose

is to promote and export the World's and Canada's riches: arts, innovations, culture and ideas between businesses and individuals. We believe in building bridges and value the translation of content as a powerful element to both individual growth and prosperous societies.


Our mission is to allow businesses and individuals navigate and reach all of Canada, and also French and English markets across the World, with the help of our customized language and content marketing services.


Culturally adapted content across all mediums and communication channels is a key component of successful marketing communications.


Our people,

Our people are our greatest source of success. We work with talented creatives across the country to bring you the best quality work. We are proud to say that our team has grown to include over 60 collaborators this year.


Our team includes qualified 

and passionate professionals who all share our values of respect, collaboration, equality, integrity,

happiness and  inclusion.


Join our fabulous team now.


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